NIM Matchsticks

NIM is a game in which each player can remove one or more matchsticks from one row, on each turn. The player who takes the last matchstick, wins. The game is played against the computer.
  • Best NIM Game in App Store
  • Beautiful graphics design (see screenshots)
  • 2 game speeds: normal and fast. (click the NIM icon in the menu screen to change)
  • 2 difficulty levels: easy (4 rows) and hard (5 rows)
  • Beautiful animations when removing matchsticks
  • Intuitive selection of match-sticks: works like selecting text in a word processor
  • 2 types of game: Standard game and "misère"-style game. In the standard game, the person who takes the last matchstick, wins. In the "misère"-style game, you have to get the computer to take the last matchstick to win.

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Available in the App Store since 7th December, 2012